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Controlling sewer systems – a critical review based on systems in three EU cities

  • Mollerup, Ane Loft
  • Mikkelsen, Peter Steen
  • Thornberg, D.
  • Sin, Gürkan
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2016
Online Research Database In Technology
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The term Real Time Control (RTC) is widely used to describe all types of control systems in sewer systems. Today the term covers everything from the simplest to the most advanced types of control systems, making it difficult to communicate about sewer system control in a precise manner, as well as search and find specific types of control systems for comparison. Through a survey of implemented control systems in three EU cities today and with the perspectives of current research within the field of sewer system control, the needs for a new control system design framework is identified. With the basis of existing frameworks for control system design, a new time-scale dependent framework is proposed. We believe this comprehensive time-scale dependent framework can help water utilities to retrofit and design new control solutions and facilitate knowledge sharing about existing designs.

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