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Control of Output and Circulating Current of Modular Multilevel Converter Using a Sliding Mode Approach

  • khan, adil
Publication Date
Oct 25, 2019
DOI: 10.3390/en12214084
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The modular multilevel converter (MMC) has been prominently used in medium- and high-power applications. This paper presents the control of output and circulating current of MMC using sliding mode control (SMC). The design of the proposed controller and the relation between control parameters and validity condition are based on the system dynamics. The proposed designed controller enables the system to track its reference values. The controller is designed to control both output current and circulating current along with suppression of second harmonics contents in circulating current. Furthermore, the capacitor voltage and energy of the converter are also regulated. The control of output current is carried out in dq-axis as well as in &alpha / &beta / -axis with first-order switching law. However, a second-order switching law-based super twisting algorithm is used for controlling circulating current and suppression of its second harmonics contents. The stability of the controlled system is numerically calculated and verified by Lyapunov stability conditions. Moreover, the simulation results of the proposed controller are critically compared with the conventional proportional resonant (PR) controller to verify the effectiveness of the proposed control strategy. The proposed controller attains faster dynamic response and minimizes steady-state error comparatively. The simulation of the MMC model is carried out in MATLAB/Simulink

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