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Control issues for some fluid-solid models

  • Kolumban, Jozsef
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Sep 28, 2018
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The analysis of the behavior of a solid or several solids inside a fluid is a long-standing problem, that one can see described in many classical textbooks of hydrodynamics. Its study from a mathematical viewpoint has attracted a growing attention, in particular in the last 15 years. This research project aims at focusing on several aspect of this mathematical analysis, in particular on control and asymptotic issues. A simple model of fluid-solid evolution is that of a single rigid body surrounded by a perfect incompressible fluid. The fluid is modeled by the Euler equations, while the solid evolves according to Newton’s law, and is influenced by the fluid’s pressure on the boundary. The goal of this PhD thesis would consist in various studies in this branch, and in particular would investigate questions of controllability of this system, as well as limit models for thin solids converging to a curve. We would also like to study the Navier-Stokes/solid control system in a similar manner to the previously discussed controllability problem for the Euler/solid system. Another direction for this PhD project is to obtain a limit when the solid concentrates into a curve. Is it possible to obtain a simplified model of a thin object evolving in a perfect fluid, in the same way as simplified models were obtained for objects that are small in all directions? This could open the way to future investigations on derivation of liquid crystal flows as the limit of the system describing the interaction between the fluid and a net of solid tubes when the diameter of the tubes is converging to zero.

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