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Contribuições ao projeto e fabricação de moldes para a injeção de plástico contendo canais complexos de refrigeração (conformal cooling) empregando a técnica de manufatura aditiva metálica fusão seletiva a laser (selective laser melting - SLM)

  • Marin, Felipe
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Sep 20, 2018
Repositório Institucional da UFSC
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Abstract : Due to advantages such as good processability, low cost and density plastics are present in several productive areas of consumer goods. The main manufacturing process is injection, a cyclical process where the cooling step directly affects the process performance and product quality. There are several studies on literature about optimization of molds cooling channels. However, due to complexity involved in this problem with a wide range of geometry types and materials the knowledge has not yet been consolidated, with numerous guidelines for the injection tool design. The development of new manufacturing process such as metal additive manufacturing process Selective Laser Melting - SLM, makes it possible to manufacture Conformal Cooling, a complex cooling channels that flow the topography of the part. However, the cost of this manufacturing process is still very high. Therefore, the present work aim to evaluates the performance of molds manufactured by metallic additive manufacture containing complex cooling channels. Using an automotive component as work piece, the molds were designed and manufactured for plastic injection molding. The injection process was simulated using software CAE and the molds were manufactured with conventional cooling and with Conformal Cooling channels to inject the work piece. The results show that the use of molds manufactured by SLM with Conformal Cooling channels have positive affect the injection process and product quality. However, the design of this system should be carefully carried out to achieve the expected benefits.

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