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Contrast limits with the Simultaneous Differential Extrasolar Planet Imager (SDI) at the VLT and MMT

  • Beth A, Biller
  • Laird M, Close
  • Elena, Masciadri
  • Rainer, Lenzen
  • Wolfgang, Brandner
  • Donald, Mccarthy
  • Thomas, Henning
  • Eric Nielsen
  • Markus, Hartung
  • Stephan, Kellner
  • Kerstin, Geissler
  • Markus, Kasper
Publication Date
Jun 13, 2006
SETI Institute


We discuss contrast limits obtained during a survey of young (< 300 Myr), close (< 50 pc) stars with the Simultaneous Differential Extrasolar Planet Imager (SDI) implemented at the VLT and the MMT. SDI uses a double Wollaston prism and a quad filter to take images simultaneously at 3 wavelengths surrounding the 1.62 μm methane bandhead found in the spectrum of cool brown dwarfs and gas giants. By performing a difference of images in these filters, speckle noise from the primary can be significantly attenuated, resulting in photon ...

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