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Contact printed masks for 3D microfabrication in negative resists

  • Häfliger, Daniel
  • Boisen, Anja
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Jan 01, 2005
Online Research Database In Technology
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We present a process based on contact printed shadow masks for three dimensional microfabrication of soft and sensitive overhanging membranes in SU-8. A metal mask is transferred onto unexposed SU-8 from an elastomer stamp made of polydimethylsiloxane. This mask is subsequently embedded into the negative resist to protect buried material from UV-exposure. Unlike direct evaporation-deposition of a mask onto the SU-8, printing avoids high stress and radiation, thus preventing resist wrinkling and prepolymerization. We demonstrate effective monolithic fabrication of soft, 4-μm thick and 100-μm long cantilevers integrated in a microfluidic system. The process yields very flat and well defined membrane surfaces.

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