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A construção histórico social de gênero: significados sociais e sentidos para professoras de Ciências

  • Souza, Dianne Cassiano de
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Feb 19, 2018
Repositório Institucional UNESP
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Many of the meanings transmitted by teachers, especially those of Science and Biology, on the themes that involve sexuality and gender may be marked by biological and naturalizing influences, without the presence of historical contents related to the social construction of the gender or even the sexuality expression. Considering the importance of concepts of gender and sexuality, in Science Teaching, and having as theoretical-methodological reference the historical-dialectical materialism, the objective of this study is to understand the senses of Science teachers about gender and sexuality and the social meanings transmitted to the students, in the light of the historical-cultural perspective. We interviewed three Science teachers from the seventh, eighth and ninth-year of public schools in one city in the interior of São Paulo. The instrument used for the data collection was a semi structured interview and the analysis of these data was made from the nuclei of meanings, proposed by Aguiar and Ozella. Seeking to overcome the immediacy of observed phenomena, our proposal was to analyze how it is expressed in Science Teaching the social relations of sex, from the meanings and senses of science teachers of gender concepts and sexuality. The analysis reveals a lack of mastery of concepts such as gender, sexual orientation or even transsexuality in the senses and meanings identified from the nuclei of meanings as well as the predominance of biological and naturalizing treatment of gender and sexuality issues, in the science teaching and a nonformation of teachers for the theme’s treatment, corroborating with some studies on the thematic

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