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Constraints on sidm with flavor mixing

  • Medvedev, Mikhail
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May 01, 2001
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The self-interacting dark matter (SIDM) model with flavor mixing (astro-ph/0010616) was proposed to resolve problems of the CDM model on small scales by keeping attractive features of both SIDM and annihilating dark matter, and simultaneously avoid their drawbacks. A dark particle produced in a flavor eigenstate will separate into two mass eigenstates because they propagate with different velocities and, in a gravitational filed, along different geodesics, see Fig. 1. Thus, in the flavor-mixed SIDM, dark halos are made of heavy eigenstates, whereas light eigenstates may leave the halo. Collisions (elastic scattering) of mass states results in eigenstate conversion, see Fig. 2, which leads to the gradual decrease of the halo mass in high-density cusps. On the other hand, in the early Universe, one may expect a problem of over-production of light (hot) particles over heavy (cold) when the temperature of dark matter falls below the mass of the heavy component. We show how this problem is avoided.

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