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A Constituent quark - meson model for heavy meson decays

  • Deandrea, Aldo
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Sep 01, 1998
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I describe a model for heavy meson decays based on an effective quark-meson lagrangian. I consider the heavy mesons S with spin and parity J^P=(1+,0+), H with J^P=(1-,0-) and T^mu with J^P=(2+,1+), i.e. S and P wave heavy-light mesons. The model is constrained by the known symmetries of QCD in the mQ -> infinity limit for the heavy quarks, and chiral symmetry in the light quark sector. Using a very limited number of free parameters it is possible to compute several phenomenological quantities, e.g. the leptonic B and B** decay constants; the three universal Isgur-Wise form factors: xi, tau(3/2), tau(1/2), describing the semi-leptonic decays B -> D(*) l nu, B -> D** l nu; the strong and radiative D* decays; the weak semi-leptonic decays of B and D into light mesons: pi, rho, a1. An overall agreement with data, when available, is achieved.

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