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Design and integration of multi-disciplinary interfaces : method and modelling language for mechatronic systems engineering

  • Zheng, Chen
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Dec 14, 2015
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Mechatronic system is considered as a synergetic combination of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and computer engineering. Such mechatronic system has its own lifecycle and should integrate different disciplines and various technologies. Therefore the design of mechatronic systems becomes increasing complex. In order to propose an approach to achieve a better functional and spatial integration of mechatronic systems, especially to achieve a higher integration of different disciplines during the design process of mechatronic systems, two kinds of problems must be overcome. The first problem is related to design data of mechatronic systems while the second is related to the design process. The contribution of the thesis is based on two complementary concepts. The first contribution, the multi-disciplinary interface model, is proposed to address the issue of design data. These interfaces are based on the system architecture and specify which transfers exist between components designed by the project teams of different disciplines. Instantiated in the data model, multi-disciplinary interfaces enables a better data exchange and sharing among the engineers of different disciplines. The second concept concerns the design method based on the multi-disciplinary interface model. This method is proposed to establish the process for mechatronic engineering in order to achieve a better multi-disciplinary integration for the design of mechatronic systems. Finally, the two propositions are then implemented in a demonstrator developed based on 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. A 3D measurement system, considered as a synergistic combination of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, computer engineering and optical engineering, is used to demonstrate and validate the propositions of the thesis in terms of multi-disciplinary integration for the design of mechatronic systems.

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