The concept of “scientific revolutions” in the Geoecology knowledge system

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The concept of “scientific revolutions” in the Geoecology knowledge system

  • Turkov, Sergey
Published Article
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EDP Sciences
Publication Date
Sep 30, 2020
DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/202019203008
EDP Sciences
  • Strategic, Geo-Ecological and Economic Problems of Subsurface Use
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The current situation in the field of information support for solving the problem of sustainable development of regions, using the example and in the appendix to the “meta-knowledge” of Geoecology is examined in the paper. The purpose of the research is to develop “human-machine” systems for making optimal management decisions (strategic management of the processes of sustainable development of territories at the regional level). The object of research is active, including “conservative” and “dissipative”, complex organized systems of the class “nature-society”. The starting points of the methodology and management theory are the following concepts: the unified Field Theory (the end of the XX century), the theory new “scientific revolutions” (T. Kuhn, 1962), the “Concept of sustainable development” of regions (UN, 1993) and the “new theory of entropy” (A. N. Panchenkov, 1999). The leading scientific methods: “noosphere” theory (E. Le Roy and P. T. Chardin, 1927; Vernadsky V. I., 1933) and the approach of “geosystem” (F. Capra, 1991). The results of the research and their significance for the theory and practice of strategic management of territories at the global, regional and local levels of the planet’s organization lead to the conclusion that it is necessary to move from differentiation of all available knowledge about Nature and Society (“mechanistic” thinking; object-oriented approach) to their full integration (“noospheric” thinking; normative approach). In the future, this will allow us to begin practical implementation of the development of Russia and the world based on the strategy and Concept of “noocracy”.

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