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Computational Complexity of Functions

  • Levin, Leonid A.
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Nov 11, 2014
Submission Date
Nov 11, 2014
arXiv ID: 1411.3010
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Below is a translation from my Russian paper. I added references, unavailable to me in Moscow. Similar results have been also given in [Schnorr Stumpf 75] (see also [Lynch 75]). Earlier relevant work (classical theorems like Compression, Speed-up, etc.) was done in [Tseitin 56, Rabin 59, Hartmanis Stearns 65, Blum 67, Trakhtenbrot 67, Meyer Fischer 72]. I translated only the part with the statement of the results. Instead of the proof part I appended a later (1979, unpublished) proof sketch of a slightly tighter version. The improvement is based on the results of [Meyer Winklmann 78, Sipser 78]. Meyer and Winklmann extended earlier versions to machines with a separate input and working tape, thus allowing complexities smaller than the input length (down to its log). Sipser showed the space-bounded Halting Problem to require only additive constant overhead. The proof in the appendix below employs both advances to extend the original proofs to machines with a fixed alphabet and a separate input and working space. The extension has no (even logarithmic) restrictions on complexity and no overhead (beyond an additive constant). The sketch is very brief and a more detailed exposition is expected later: [Seiferas Meyer].

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