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Complex characterization of short-pulse propagation through InAs/InP quantum-dash optical amplifiers: From the quasi-linear to the two-photon-dominated regime

  • Capua, Amir
  • Saal, Abigael
  • Karni, Ouri
  • Eisenstein, Gadi
  • Reithmaier, Johann Peter
  • Yvind, Kresten
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2012
Online Research Database In Technology
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We describe direct measurements at a high temporal resolution of the changes experienced by the phase and amplitude of an ultra-short pulse upon propagation through an inhomogenously broadened semiconductor nanostructured optical gain medium. Using a cross frequency-resolved optical gating technique, we analyze 150 fs-wide pulses propagating along an InP based quantum dash optical amplifier in both the quasi-linear and saturated regimes. For very large electrical and optical excitations, a second, trailing peak is generated and enhanced by a unique two-photon-induced amplification process. © 2011 Optical Society of America.

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