Comparison of a Rapid Blood Sugar Test (Dextrotest) with Standard Methods *

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Comparison of a Rapid Blood Sugar Test (Dextrotest) with Standard Methods *

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Jun 15, 1957
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Know Your Blood Sugar Numbers Know Your Blood Sugar Numbers If you have diabetes, keeping your blood glucose (sugar) numbers in your target range can help you feel good today and stay healthy in the future. 1 The A1C is a lab test that measures your average blood glucose level over the last 2 to 3 months. It shows whether your blood glucose stayed close to your target range most of the time, or was too high or too low. 2 Self-tests are the blood glucose checks you do yourself. They show what your blood glucose is at the time you test. Both ways help you and your health care team to get a picture of how your diabetes care plan is working. About the A1C test Why should I have an A1C test? How often do I need an A1C? The A1C tells you and your health You need an A1C at least twice a care team how well your diabetes year. You need it more often if it is care plan worked over the last 2 to 3 too high, if your diabetes treatment months. It also helps decide the type changes, or if you plan to become and amount of diabetes medicine pregnant. you need. What if I plan to become What is a good A1C target for pregnant? Talk with your doctor me? For many people with diabetes, before you get pregnant. Your the A1C target is below 7. You and doctor can help you reach an A1C your health care team will decide on target that allows a healthy baby to an A1C target that is right for you. develop. If you are already pregnant, see your doctor right away. If your A1C stays too high, it may increase your chances of having eye, kidney, nerve, and heart problems. “I bring my self-test record when I visit my doctor. We talk about what makes my blood glucose go up or down and what to do about it.” There are two ways to measure blood glucose. 2 lf-tests are of after meals, ople who check ho do se. 3 About self-tests for blood glucose Why should I do self-tests? Self-tests can help you learn how being active, h

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