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Comparative genome-wide analysis of WRKY, MADS-box and MYB transcription factor families in Arabidopsis and rice

  • Abdullah-Zawawi, Muhammad-Redha1
  • Ahmad-Nizammuddin, Nur-Farhana1
  • Govender, Nisha1
  • Harun, Sarahani1
  • Mohd-Assaad, Norfarhan1
  • Mohamed-Hussein, Zeti-Azura1, 1
  • 1 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia,
Published Article
Scientific Reports
Springer Nature
Publication Date
Oct 04, 2021
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-021-99206-y
PMID: 34608238
PMCID: PMC8490385
PubMed Central
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Transcription factors (TFs) form the major class of regulatory genes and play key roles in multiple plant stress responses. In most eukaryotic plants, transcription factor (TF) families (WRKY, MADS-box and MYB) activate unique cellular-level abiotic and biotic stress-responsive strategies, which are considered as key determinants for defense and developmental processes. Arabidopsis and rice are two important representative model systems for dicot and monocot plants, respectively. A comprehensive comparative study on 101 OsWRKY , 34 OsMADS box and 122 OsMYB genes (rice genome) and, 71 AtWRKY , 66 AtMADS box and 144 AtMYB genes ( Arabidopsis genome) showed various relationships among TFs across species. The phylogenetic analysis clustered WRKY, MADS-box and MYB TF family members into 10, 7 and 14 clades, respectively. All clades in WRKY and MYB TF families and almost half of the total number of clades in the MADS-box TF family are shared between both species. Chromosomal and gene structure analysis showed that the Arabidopsis -rice orthologous TF gene pairs were unevenly localized within their chromosomes whilst the distribution of exon–intron gene structure and motif conservation indicated plausible functional similarity in both species. The abiotic and biotic stress-responsive cis -regulatory element type and distribution patterns in the promoter regions of Arabidopsis and rice WRKY, MADS-box and MYB orthologous gene pairs provide better knowledge on their role as conserved regulators in both species. Co-expression network analysis showed the correlation between WRKY, MADs-box and MYB genes in each independent rice and Arabidopsis network indicating their role in stress responsiveness and developmental processes.

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