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Are commercial total mixed rations viable in intensifying sheep production?

  • Ravi, D.
  • Blümmel, Michael
  • Prasad, K.V.S.V.
  • Khan, A.A.
  • Shiva, R.
  • Padmakumar, V.P.
Publication Date
Dec 19, 2019


Total Mixed Rations (TMRs)having different metabolizable energy (8.73 and 10.53 MJ/kg) and crude protein (14% and 16% per kg) designed by a private feed enterprise in Nellore were compared with a control diet (7.74 MJ ME and 12% CP) for fattening two different breeds of sheep (Rambouillet and Judipi). Ten sheep each were allotted to three treatments in each breed and feed intake (DMI) recorded daily and weight gain (ADG) twice monthly. No significant differences were foundin DMIand ADG between the TMRs. Average DMIin high TMR ranged was 1069 g/d (946 – 1463g/d), in medium TMR 1001 g/d (711 –1341 g/d)and control 1016 g/d (743 – 1210 g/d). Average ADGin high TMR was 139 g/d (93– 189g/d), in medium TMR 123 g/d (94 – 175 g/d)and in control 128 g/d (107 – 161 g/d) in Rambouillet. In Judipiin high TMR average ADG was 93 g/d (75-126 g/d),in medium TMR 73 g/d (47–105g/d) and in control 81 g/d (59 – 104), respectively. Between the breeds significant differences were found for DMI intake and ADG(P < 0.01) and FCR (P<0001)which was 8and 10.4 kg per kg ADG in Rambouillet and Judipi, respectively.

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