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Commensal observing with the Allen Telescope array: software command and control

  • Colby, Gutierrez-Kraybill
  • Garrett K, Keating
  • David, Macmahon
  • Peter K G, Williams
  • Gerry Harp
  • Robert, Ackermann
  • Tom, Kilsdonk
  • Jon Richards
  • William C, Barott
Publication Date
Jul 15, 2010
SETI Institute


The Allen Telescope Array (ATA) is a Large-Number-Small-Diameter radio telescope array currently with 42 individual antennas and 5 independent back-end science systems (2 imaging FX correlators and 3 time domain beam formers) located at the Hat Creek Radio Observatory (HCRO). The goal of the ATA is to run multiple back-ends simultaneously, supporting multiple science projects commensally. The primary software control systems are based on a combination of Java, JRuby and Ruby on Rails. The ...

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