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Collaboration - A policy analysis study. : A policy study of the Swedish National Board of Institutional Care agency's Leadership and Employeeship policy documents with focus on collaboration.

  • Njiru Eriksson, Christine
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Jan 01, 2024
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This policy analysis study focuses on the leadership and employeeship policy documents that are in use within The Swedish National Board for Institutional Care agency. In order to conduct this policy analysis, the What's the problem represented to be approach (referred to as the WPR approach) based on a poststructuralist perspective is applied. This policy analysis sets out to examine how collaboration is represented in the leadership and employeeship policy documents, to analyse the presuppositions that arise from the analysis and to explore the measures that can be implemented in order to address collaboration. It results in illustrating how collaboration is represented as a problem in the policy documents. It brings to the fore presuppositions that arise from this representation and also generates new ideas on alternative ways to present and implement collaboration. This concurs with this study's preset that collaboration is in need of elaboration and improvement within the agency's departments. 

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