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Cold Roll Extrusion Machine Redesign Final Design Report

  • Bains, Foja
  • Cyr, Bryan
  • Van Schooten, David
Publication Date
Dec 01, 2014
[email protected]
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This report is a comprehensive review of a redesign of subsystems for a Cold Roll Extrusion Machine, a forging operation, for PCC Rollmet. Three subsystems were addressed in this project: A new Loading system, Feed system, and Lubrication system. The Loading system, and support system during developmental design stages, addressed the timely loading process of pipes onto the forging machine. After two quarters of design iteration, the group decided on a lever arm, hydraulic actuated, loading design. In the final quarter of the project, a quarter scale model of this lever arm was constructed to prove the concept of the design. Computer models of the loading system were generated in Abaqus and Adams which allowed preliminary performance analysis. According to the results from these models, if a full scale model were to be implemented at Rollmet, it would perform as intended. The Feed system refers to the system that powers the axial motion during the forging operation. It dealt with the speed at which pipe could be returned to the starting position after one pass of deformation. The final design investigates the feasibility of a cable driven feed system and the findings show it to be a bulky and dangerous design. The Lubrication system addressed problem of the ease and speed at which lubricant is currently applied. A drip system was conceptualized to reduce increase efficiency for the single operator. The current system employs a folgers cup which the operator manually fills with lubricant and pours on the operating surfaces. The conclusion of this project is that the Lever Arm Loading device needs full scale testing, but would greatly increase Rollmet’s manufacturing efficiency if implemented.

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