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Cohort profile: Worldwide Collaboration on OsteoArthritis prediCtion for the Hip (World COACH) - an international consortium of prospective cohort studies with individual participant data on hip osteoarthritis.

  • van Buuren, Michiel
  • Riedstra, Noortje
  • van den Berg, Myrthe
  • Boel, Fleur
  • Ahedi, Harbeer
  • Arbabi, Vahid
  • Arden, Nigel
  • Bierma-Zeinstra, Sita
  • Boer, Cindy
  • Cicuttini, Flavia
  • Cootes, Timothy
  • Crossley, Kay
  • Felson, David
  • Gielis, Willem
  • Heerey, Joshua
  • Jones, Graeme
  • Kluzek, Stefan
  • Van Meurs, J
  • Mosler, Andrea
  • Nelson, Amanda
  • And 9 more
Publication Date
Apr 18, 2024
eScholarship - University of California
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PURPOSE: Hip osteoarthritis (OA) is a major cause of pain and disability worldwide. Lack of effective therapies may reflect poor knowledge on its aetiology and risk factors, and result in the management of end-stage hip OA with costly joint replacement. The Worldwide Collaboration on OsteoArthritis prediCtion for the Hip (World COACH) consortium was established to pool and harmonise individual participant data from prospective cohort studies. The consortium aims to better understand determinants and risk factors for the development and progression of hip OA, to optimise and automate methods for (imaging) analysis, and to develop a personalised prediction model for hip OA. PARTICIPANTS: World COACH aimed to include participants of prospective cohort studies with ≥200 participants, that have hip imaging data available from at least 2 time points at least 4 years apart. All individual participant data, including clinical data, imaging (data), biochemical markers, questionnaires and genetic data, were collected and pooled into a single, individual-level database. FINDINGS TO DATE: World COACH currently consists of 9 cohorts, with 38 021 participants aged 18-80 years at baseline. Overall, 71% of the participants were women and mean baseline age was 65.3±8.6 years. Over 34 000 participants had baseline pelvic radiographs available, and over 22 000 had an additional pelvic radiograph after 8-12 years of follow-up. Even longer radiographic follow-up (15-25 years) is available for over 6000 of these participants. FUTURE PLANS: The World COACH consortium offers unique opportunities for studies on the relationship between determinants/risk factors and the development or progression of hip OA, by using harmonised data on clinical findings, imaging, biomarkers, genetics and lifestyle. This provides a unique opportunity to develop a personalised hip OA risk prediction model and to optimise methods for imaging analysis of the hip.

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