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Coherence approach in neutron, x-ray, and neutron spin-echo reflectometry:

  • De Haan, V.O.
  • Plomp, J.
  • Rekveldt, M.T.
  • Van Well, A.A.
  • Dalgliesh, R.M.
  • Langridge, S.
  • Böttger, A.J.
  • Hendrikx, R.
Publication Date
Mar 23, 2010
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.81.094112
TU Delft Repository
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Based on the application of coherence theory to neutron scattering a description is given of the propagation of neutrons or x-rays through a reflectometer. Important coherence effects at the sample position are discussed. Further, an outline is given how to determine the measured count rate in a detector on the basis of this method including neutron-polarization effects. It is shown in what way the Born approximation and distorted-wave Born approximation can be used within this theory. An outline is given of the phase-object approximation, describing the specular and diffuse scattering from a surface with large surface structure, extending over the existing capabilities of the distorted-wave Born approximation. The incorporation of neutron-polarization effects enables the detailed discussion of neutron spin-echo coding techniques applied to reflectometry.

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