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Co doping enhanced giant magnetocaloric effect in Mn1-xCoxAs films epitaxied on GaAs (001)

  • f.), xu pf (xu p.
  • s. h.), sh nie (nie
  • k. k.), kk meng (meng
  • s. l.), sl wang (wang
  • l.), l chen (chen
  • j. h.), jh zhao (zhao
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2010
Knowledge Repository of SEMI,CAS
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A giant magnetocaloric effect was found in series of Mn1-xCoxAs films epitaxied on GaAs (001). The maximum magnetic entropy change caused by a magnetic field of 4 T is as large as 25 J/kg K around room temperature, which is about twice the value of pure MnAs film. The observed small thermal hysteresis is more suitable for practical application. Growing of layered Mn1-xCoxAs films with Co concentration changing gradually may draw layered active magnetic regenerator refrigerators closer to practical application. Our experimental result may provide the possibility for the combination of magnetocaloric effect and microelectronic circuitry.

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