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Cloning of a human S-phase cell cycle gene: use of transient expression for screening.

  • A Fainsod
  • G Diamond
  • M Marcus
  • F H Ruddle
Publication Date
Feb 01, 1987
  • Biology


We report here the cloning of a human cell cycle gene capable of complementing a temperature-sensitive (ts) S-phase cell cycle mutation in a Chinese hamster cell line. Cloning was performed as follows. A human genomic library in phage lambda containing 600,000 phages was screened with labeled cDNA synthesized from an mRNA fraction enriched for the specific cell cycle gene message. Plaques containing DNA inserts which hybridized to the cDNA were picked, and their DNAs were assayed for transient complementation in DNA transformation experiments. The transient complementation assay we developed is suitable for most cell cycle genes and indeed for many genes whose products are required for cell proliferation. Of 845 phages screened, 1 contained an insert active in transient complementation of the ts cell cycle mutation. Introduction of this phage into the ts cell cycle mutant also gave rise to stable transformants which grew normally at the restrictive temperature for the ts mutant cells.

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