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Cloning and characterization of ERG25, the Saccharomyces cerevisiae gene encoding C-4 sterol methyl oxidase.

  • M Bard
  • D A Bruner
  • C A Pierson
  • N D Lees
  • B Biermann
  • L Frye
  • C Koegel
  • R Barbuch
Publication Date
Jan 09, 1996


We have cloned the Saccharomyces cerevisiae C-4 sterol methyl oxidase ERG25 gene. The sterol methyl oxidase performs the first of three enzymic steps required to remove the two C-4 methyl groups leading to cholesterol (animal), ergosterol (fungal), and stigmasterol (plant) biosynthesis. An ergosterol auxotroph, erg25, which fails to demethylate and concomitantly accumulates 4,4-dimethylzy-mosterol, was isolated after mutagenesis. A complementing clone consisting of a 1.35-kb Dra I fragment encoded a 309-amino acid polypeptide (calculated molecular mass, 36.48 kDa). The amino acid sequence shows a C-terminal endoplasmic reticulum retrieval signal KKXX and three histidine-rich clusters found in eukaryotic membrane desaturases and in a bacterial alkane hydroxylase and xylene monooxygenase. The sterol profile of an ERG25 disruptant was consistent with the erg25 allele obtained by mutagenesis.

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