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Chiral Symmetry Breaking and Condensates in the Rishon Model

  • King, S.F.
Publication Date
Jan 01, 1983
DOI: 10.1016/0550-3213(83)90165-7
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The rishon model is studied in the limit g c → 0, α → 0 when its global flavour symmetry is SU(6) × SU(6) × U(1) analogous to six massless flavour QCD. Recently it was shown that the ad hoc breaking SU(6) × SU(6) → SU(3) × SU(3) allows the anomaly constraint to be satisfied. In this paper this is shown to be but one of several successful patterns of chiral symmetry breaking. The condensates required to perform these breakings are fully discussed. A plausibility argument based on single gauge boson exchange is presented which determines the condensate uniquely to be 〈(v L V L ) 3 〉 corresponding to the original breaking above. The same argument applies to QCD, which is argued to differ in its chiral behaviour due to the large intrinsic masses of the quarks. The implications of the above condensate and pattern of chiral symmetry breaking for the rishon model include the prediction of integer charged colour octet fermions, a naive mass formula m e = 2 m u − m d , new insight into the parity-violating condensate 〈(v L v L ) 2 (v R v R )〉 and the prediction of 52 new pseudos whose masses are estimated.

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