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Chiral Chains for Lattice {QCD} at $N_c = \infnty$

  • Brower, Richard C.
  • Rossi, Paolo
  • Tan, Chung-I
Publication Date
Jun 01, 1980
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.23.942
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We study chiral fields [Ui in the group U(N)] on a periodic lattice (Ui=Ui+L), with action S=(1g2)Σl=1LTr(UlUl+1†+Ul†Ul+1), as prototypes for lattice gauge theories [quantum chromodynamics (QCD)] at Nc=∞. Indeed, these chiral chains are equivalent to gauge theories on the surface of an L-faced polyhedron (e.g., L=4 is a tetrahedron, L=6 is the cube, and L=∞ is two-dimensional QCD). The one-link Schwinger-Dyson equation of Brower and Nauenberg, which gives the square of the transfer matrix, is solved exactly for all N. From the large-N solution, we solve exactly the finite chains for L=2, 3, 4, and ∞, on the weak-coupling side of the Gross-Witten singularity, which occurs at β=(g2N)−1=14, 13, π8, and 12, respectively. We carry out weak and strong perturbation expansions at Nc=∞ to estimate the singular part for all L, and to show confinement (as g2N→∞) and asymptotic freedom (g2N→0) in the Migdal β function for QCD. The stability of the location of the Gross-Witten singularity for different-size lattices (L) suggests that QCD at Nc=∞ enjoys this singularity in the transition region from strong to weak coupling.


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