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Chemoenzymatic approach toward the synthesis of 3-O-(α/β)-glucosylated 3-hydroxy-β-lactams

  • Decuyper, Lena
  • Franceus, Jorick
  • Dhaene, Shari
  • Debruyne, Maarten
  • Vandoorne, Kevin
  • Piens, Nicola
  • Dewitte, Griet
  • Desmet, Tom
  • D'hooghe, Matthias
Publication Date
Jan 01, 2018
Ghent University Institutional Archive
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Glycosylation significantly alters the biological and physicochemical properties of small molecules. beta-Lactam alcohols comprise eligible substrates for such a transformation based on their distinct relevance in the chemical and medicinal community. In this framework, the unprecedented enzymatic glycosylation of the rigid and highly strained four-membered beta-lactam azaheterocycle was studied. For this purpose, cis-3-hydroxy-beta-lactams were efficiently prepared in three steps by means of a classical organic synthesis approach, while a biocatalytic step was implemented for the selective formation of the corresponding 3-O-alpha- and -beta-glucosides, hence overcoming the complexities typically encountered in synthetic glycochemistry and contributing to the increasing demand for sustainable processes in the framework of green chemistry. Two carbohydrate-active enzymes were selected based on their broad acceptor specificity and subsequently applied for the alpha- or beta-selective formation of beta-lactam-sugar adducts, using sucrose as a glucosyl donor.

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