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Characterization On Linear Viscoelastic Properties And Macroscopic Tensile Behaviors For PE-based Polymers With Different Chain Architectures

  • HUANG, Tianqi
  • Alves, Julie
  • Corvec, Guillaume
  • Pradille, Christophe
  • Tillier, Yannick
  • Bouvard, Jean-Luc
Publication Date
Jul 03, 2022
HAL-Mines ParisTech
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In the current study, characterizations on linear viscoelastic properties and on large scale deformation mechanical tensile behaviors are performed on three polyethylene (PE) grades with different network architectures: HDPE (thermoplastic), PE-vitrimer and PEX (thermoset). It aims to compare different materials of various natures in the same physical state using the methodology of equivalent strain rate at a reference temperature. Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis (DMTA) shows that the storage moduli in the solid state are comparable for all PEs, while beyond melting temperature, PE-vitrimer and PEX demonstrate a long and stable rubbery plateau, which may be related to cross-linking. Mechanical behaviors illustrate that the successful use of this protocol takes both temperature and strain rate into accounts. Effect of chain organization is also captured by tensile tests. Mechanical responses of PEs are thus available and will be used for internal microstructural variables-based modeling.

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