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Channel Uncertainty in Ultra Wideband Communication Systems

  • Porrat, Dana
  • Tse, David N. C.
  • Nacu, Serban
Publication Date
Sep 22, 2005
Submission Date
Sep 22, 2005
arXiv ID: cs/0509068
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Wide band systems operating over multipath channels may spread their power over bandwidth if they use duty cycle. Channel uncertainty limits the achievable data rates of power constrained wide band systems; Duty cycle transmission reduces the channel uncertainty because the receiver has to estimate the channel only when transmission takes place. The optimal choice of the fraction of time used for transmission depends on the spectral efficiency of the signal modulation. The general principle is demonstrated by comparing the channel conditions that allow different modulations to achieve the capacity in the limit. Direct sequence spread spectrum and pulse position modulation systems with duty cycle achieve the channel capacity, if the increase of the number of channel paths with the bandwidth is not too rapid. The higher spectral efficiency of the spread spectrum modulation lets it achieve the channel capacity in the limit, in environments where pulse position modulation with non-vanishing symbol time cannot be used because of the large number of channel paths.

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