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Consumers Prefer Seasoned Lean Ground Beef and Turkey Over Seasoned Ground Emu

Journal of the American Dietetic Association
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DOI: 10.1016/s0002-8223(99)00483-6
  • Tuesday
  • October 19
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Abstract Emu meat is a lower-fat meat alternative and is available at restaurants, retail stores, and farms. To our knowledge, no studies have explored the sensory attributes of seasoned ground emu using untrained panelists. The purposes of this study approved by the Institutional Review Board were to 1) determine the acceptability of seasoned ground emu compared to seasoned ground beef and turkey by untrained consumer panelists; and 2) assess factors that may influence acceptability of emu by the panelists. Untrained, consumer panelists (n=84) rated their reaction to ground emu, turkey, and beef seasoned with taco seasoning mix (Old El Paso Foods, Minneapolis, Minnesota). Descriptive statistics and ANOVA followed by Bonferonni post-hoc analysis were completed (SPSS 8.0, Chicago, IL, 1998). Seasoned ground beef and turkey were preferred over the seasoned ground emu for appearance, tenderness, flavor, texture, aftertaste, and overall acceptability (P<0.001). Ethnic background, education level, income, and area of upbringing (rural vs. urban) did not influence acceptability of emu by the panelists; however, males rated the appearance of all meats to be more pleasing than females did. Unfamiliarity with emu or its lower fat content may have influenced the results of this study. Dietetics professionals should consider these data when assisting clients with dietary planning, while the emu industry should consider this study when marketing their products to consumers.

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