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Probabilistic load flow analysis of a distribution feeder with high penetration of photo voltaic

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  • 090608 Renewable Power And Energy Systems Engineering (Excl. Solar Cells)
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QUT Digital Repository: Chakrabarti, Saikat and Kyriakides, Elias and Bi, Tianshu and Cai, Deyu and Terzija, Vladimir (2009) Measurements get together. IEEE power & energy magazine, 7(1). pp. 41-49. © Copyright 2009 IEEE january/february 2009 ieee power & energy magazine 41 E EvEryday li f E r Eli Es h Eavi ly on th E reliable operation and intelligent management of critical in- frastructures, such as electric power systems, telecommuni- cation networks, and water distribution networks. designing, monitoring and controlling such systems is becoming in- creasingly more challenging as a consequence of the steady growth of their size, complexity, level of uncertainty, unpre- dictable behavior, and interactions. these critical infrastruc- tures are susceptible to natural disasters, frequent failures, and malicious attacks. at the epicenter of the well-being and prosperity of society lie the electric power systems. the secure and reliable operation of modern power systems is an increasingly challenging task due to the ever-increasing demand for electricity, the growing number of interconnec- tions, penetration of variable renewable energy sources, and deregulated energy market conditions. Power companies in different parts of the world are therefore feeling the need for a real-time wide area monitoring, protection, and control (WaMPaC) system. synchronized measurement technol- ogy (sMt) has the potential of becoming the backbone of this system. the major advantages of using sMt are that 1) the measurements from widely dispersed locations can Saikat Chakrabarti, Elias Kyriakides, Tianshu Bi, Deyu Cai, and Vladimir Terzija 1540-7977/09/$25.00©2009 IEEE Synchronized Measurement Technology Has the Potential of Becoming the Backbone for Real-Time Monitoring Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/MPE.2008.930657 © eyewire january/february 2009 ieee power & energy magazine 41 Au

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