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Problems Concerning the Origin and Development of the Neural Crest and Cranial Ganglia in the Vertebrates

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ORIGIN OF THE, NEURAL CREST 7 logical basis as it occurs from the prenatal period to old age. It may be said that wherever a specific infectious disease exhibits a peculiar feature there one may expect to find some important clue. For an understanding of disease then, one must study it as it mani- fests itself throughout the complete cycle of life. The usual hospital divisions of Obstetrical, Pediatric, Medical, and Surgical clinics exist for therapeutic and administrative purposes. The boundaries thus set up deprive physicians of a stimulating variety of material, obstruct methods of study, and prevent a proper synthesis of seemingly isolated facts. 1METCHNIKOFF, E.: Immunity in Infective Diseases. Cambridge, 1905, P. II. 2DICK, G. F., and DICK, G. H.: J. Am. M. Ass., 1924, 82, 265. 8DOCHEZ, A. R.: The Harvey Lectures, N. Y. I924-25. 'DOCHEz, A. R., and SHERMAN, L.: Proc. Soc. Exper. Biol. & Med., 1925, 22, 282. 'COOKE, J. V.: Am. J. Dis. Child., I927, 34, 969. 'NICHIOLS, E. E.: Personal communication. COOKE, J. V.: Am. J. Dis. Child., I928, 35, 78I. 'COOKE, J. V.: Am. J. Dis. Child., I928, 35, 974. 'COOKE, J. V.: Am. J. Dis. Child., I928, 35, 991. KIUTTNER, A., and RATNER, B.: Am. J. Dis. Child., 1923, 25, 413. 1PARK, W. H.: Abst. Pediatrics, Philadelphia, Pa. Vol. VI, I02, I925. 12DOCHEZ, A. R.: Personal communication. METCHNIKOFF, E.: Immunity in Infective Diseases. Cambridge, 1905, P. 326. PROBLEMS CONCERNING THE ORIGIN AND DE- VELOPMENT OF THE NEURAL CREST AND CRANIAL GANGLIA IN THE VERTEBRATES L. S. STONE In the present period of the history of the science of embryology, much attention is focused upon its recent advancement due chiefly to the influence of the introduction of experimental methods in at- tacking its problems. For the reader who cares to inform himself of some of the phases of this fascinating and youthful science the recently published volume Experimental Embryology, by Thomas Hunt Morgan, will be of great interest. From the Department of Anatomy, Yale University Sc

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