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Projevy psychické deprivace u dětí s kombinovaným somatickým postižením a její odraz ve výtvarném projevu

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  • Psychická Deprivace Tělesné Postižení Dětská Kresba Kresebné Testy Arteterapie
  • Psychical Deprivation Physical Handicap Childrens Drawings Drawing Tests Art Therapy
  • Medicine
  • Psychology


As the fundamental motif of my thesis I selected topic ``Symptoms of psychical deprivation of children with a combined somatic handicap and its reflection in artistic expression{\crqq}. I selected this topic on purpose since I was very interested whether physically handicapped children who spend most of their life behind the walls of an asylum with similarly affected individuals show any mental deprivation and whether it influences their drawing. The main objective of the thesis was to ascertain whether children suffering from a physical handicap experience mental deprivation, immediately connected with their primary handicap and the life behind the walls of an asylum among similarly handicapped individuals. I believe that this issue has not been examined thoroughly yet. In the introductory part of the thesis I described the issue of mental deprivation and physical handicaps and outlined art therapy techniques in several chapters. In the practical part I pursued the objective of the research, i.e. analysis of drawings and collages and the manner how mental deprivation is reflected in the artistic works. I analysed particularly three kinds of basic drawing tests: Figure Test, Baum Test (tree test) and House Test. Some children also made drawings and collages on topics: I and My World{\crqq}, ``Snow White and Seven Dwarfs{\crqq} and ``Sleeping Beauty{\crqq}. I evaluated the works according to the Blatruschov{\crq}s and Ogdonov{\crq}s Figure Test and classic Koch{\crq}s Baum Test. Considering the character of the research objective and the nature of the available data, I decided for a qualitative methodological approach, using the following information collection techniques: analysis of personal documents (artistic works of physically handicapped children) documented by elaborated case studies. The diploma thesis may be utilized by art therapists, special pedagogues, psychologists and also students of special pedagogy and other health-social branches.

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