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Persistent spectral hole burning in dye-doped quench condensed argon-xenon matrices

Journal of Luminescence
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DOI: 10.1016/0022-2313(95)94761-t


Abstract We report the extension of our studies on dye-matrix interactions in simple model systems from pure rare-gas hosts to solid matrices of rare-gas mixtures Ar 1 − x xe x , doped with the dye molecule free-base phthalocyanine. In our experiments we determined the respective solvent shifts and inhomogeneous widths of the Q x -bands as well as the quasihomogeneous line widths from hole-burning experiments. While the solvent shifts show a gradual transition between the values in pure rare gas matrices with varying mixing ratio, the widths of the Q x -absorption bands are constant over the measured range. The homogeneous line widths show no significant increase as compared to the pure rare gas matrices. This is at first surprising, since the structural differences (nanocrystalline in pure rare gas matrices as compared to amorphous structure in mixtures) were expected to have a much greater impact on the line widths.

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