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La perception du Droit dans la vie quotidienne : les représentations des concepts de droit privé chez les 11-17 ans

Revue d’études comparatives Est-Ouest
Editions NecPlus
Publication Date
DOI: 10.3406/receo.1991.1525
  • Law


Perceptions of the Law in the context of daily life : images of private law as seen by 11-17 year olds. In connection with a comparative study in juridical socialization in children and adolescents, the author had already described the early formation of views of Law and Justice, which in France differ very widely from views of the Law as the instrument of rights and liberties, whereas in Poland Law and Right merge in the same imperative image (RECEO, 1990, n° 3). The author is concerned here with the development, in the 11-17 age group, of ideas of legality in everyday life. Whether it be a matter of property, private life, contracts, social security or taxes, it is evident how deep-seated is the foundation of future adult concepts of the Law, how these concepts, among children and adolescents, are impregnated with the national juridical culture, but also how they are shaped by factors such as the sex and social milieu of the subject, which largely determine the area of his or her experience, and the interpretation which he or she lends to it.

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