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Fouilles de Khirbet Edh-Dharih (Jordanie), I : le cimetière au Sud du Wadi Sharheh

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DOI: 10.3406/syria.2001.7729


The cemetery at Dharih (Wadi al-Laaban, near Tafileh, Southern Jordan) extends mainly on the southern bank of the small Wadi Sharheh and secondarily on its northern bank. We publish here the excavations of the southern part, which was examined from 1984 till 1987. The cemetery was used during two important occupation phases of the site : Naba- taean and Roman (lst-4th centuries AD); and late Byzantine (Christian : 6th-7th centuries), according to the scattered steles, with nefesh or with crosses, which are presented first. It includes a single monumental tomb with six shafts and thirty graves, built around AD 100-1 10, which was in use until the earthquake of AD 363. We publish also a small shaft- tomb. Finally, we describe a series of simple pit-graves, difficult to date. Comparing the results at the cemetery1 with the evidence from the sanctuary and dwellings, everything points to a social structure associating a main « family », that of the « ancestor » (the founder of the monumental tomb), a family probably linked to the sanctuary, and ordinary peasant families. The similarity of funerary practices in the main tomb and in,- ordinary graves leads us to think that the excavations did not uncover the graves of the Christian and Islamic periods.

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