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A User-Oriented and Context-Aware Web Services Composition

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  • Web Service Composition
  • Web Service
  • Virtualization
  • Web Service Selection
  • Business Service


The creation of value-added composite web services provides an opportunity to B2B collaborations. The process of composing services is also a process of making services cooperative with each other in order to achieve the composing goal. This paper researches on how to compose web Services in order to implement personalizing application. And a users-oriented composing approach is proposed in this paper which implements the virtualization of web Services through 3-level mappings in order to map the user-familiar business services to physical web services, implements the transformation from composite business service process to composite web service process through planning techniques and through service selection makes the composite web service meets users’ requirements. The research shows that the prototype system of this approach is used well by normal business users and can also improve the effectiveness of formalization of composite web service.

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