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Willingness of Peasant Households in Mountainous Areas towards Land Transfer ——A Case of Beiliang Village, Wuxiang County, Shanxi Province

  • Agricultural Science
  • Education


In this paper, the Beiliang village, Wuxiang County ,of Shanxi Province is chosen as the study object. The methods investigation and interview are applied. And then the status quo of land transfer is analyzed from the aspects of private land transfer, the form of land transference, the land transfer fee, the contracts of the land transfer and farmers’ knowledge on land transfer law and so on. Through the investigation and research on peasant households’ willingness towards land transfer and the factors that affect the land transfer, the willingness of farmers’ land transfer in recent years are transferred. Farmers’ land transfer willingness in recent years is clear. On the strength of the analysis, the scientific basis for the reasonable transfer of land in mountainous areas is put forward for optimizing the land distribution and promoting the sustainable and healthy development of rural economy. The countermeasures aim at accelerating land transfer, increasing farmers’ income; stringing the development of rural education, increasing the support on three agricultural problems concerning agriculture, countryside and farmers, and standardizing the rural land transfer behaviors are put forwarded as well.

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