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근대매체의 언어관과 근대문학의 독자 통합 과정 연구

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  • 한글표기 국문체
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  • 근대 한자어
  • 번역
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  • 국문 의식 이인직
  • 이해조
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  • 대중 매체
  • 글쓰기
  • 독자
  • 독자투고
  • 번역
  • 시적인 것
  • 근대의 경험
  • 관습
  • Linguistics
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The initial purpose of this project is studying the system of writing letters and the the style of written language expressed in each media of Korea in the early modern era. It results in mapping the course of the formation of the modern Korean style of written language by itself, through understanding the organization of the spaces of the media (especially the newspapers) and the shape of the text in each media. The next focus is on the reader, who would be the underlying cause of the complicated written style of Korean in those days. For it, four researchers have examined the following subjects according to a yearly plan. The studies of the first year focused on the newspapers, which thought to have the most popular influence. Among them <Mansebo(만세보)>, <Daehanminbo(대한민보)>, <Daehanmaeilshinbo(대한매일신보)> and <Maeilshinbo(매일신보)> is our main concern, because these media coped actively with the complicated situation of the written language of Korean in the era of enlightenment. The results of these researches are as below. 1st thesis : 's duplicated letters policy and formation of modern Korean - Focusing on 'Kasa' for enlightenment 2nd thesis : The study on the condition of language style and the readers of < Daehanminbo> 3rd thesis : A Study on the literary style of the 4th thesis : The change of the style of novel's language and the formation of reader of the in the 1910s In the second year, we expanded the object of research to the magazines. In addition, we tried the thematic approach too. The study on the poetry, on the novel written with the pure Korean letters, and on the new genres such as essays and miscellaneous writings are those. The results of these researches are as below. 1st thesis : Birth of modern media and segmentation of poetic language ― Focusing on poems contributed from readers in 2nd thesis : The specialization of literary genre and the linguistic consciouness in 1910s' magazine - The formation of modern Korean novel in and 3rd thesis : A study on the literary style of writers of magazine for students studying abroad in enlightenment period 4th thesis : The policy on the writing letters of the magazines and the formation of modern reader in the 1910s The elemental studies on the Korean modern language of literature such as the formation of the modern system of writing letters, the modern Korean style of written language and the formation of the literary language are on the starting point. Therefore, our researches on the language of media in early modern period can encourage the cultural and sociological study as well as the study on the literary history.

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