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Interview with Laura Carmichael

Matheson Historical Museum
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MATHESON MUSEUM, INC. ORAL HISTORY PROGRAM Interviewee: Laura Thompson Carmichael Interviewer: Mary Ann Cofrin Transcriber: Ruth C. Marston January 14, 2000 Property of: Alachua County Historic Trust: Matheson Museum, Inc. Interview with Laura Thompson Carmichael January 14, 2000 1 Q: My name is Mary Ann Cofrin, and I am interviewing Laura Thompson Carmichael on January 14, 2000, at her home, 2284 N.W. 19th Lane, Gainesville, Florida, 32605, for the Matheson Museum, Inc. Would you please give your full name and birthdate for the tape, please. A: Laura Thompson Carmichael. I was born November 20, 1905. Q: Can you tell me about your parents? You were born in Gainesville, but they were not? A: No, I was born in Altoona, Alabama. My father’s name was Wilson Cobb Thompson. He was born September 24, 1845, and he died January 10, 1952. My mother was Maggie Whitley Thompson. She was born June 13, 1870 and died January 18, 1952. Q: They both lived in Alabama? A: In Alabama. They came to Gainesville, Florida in 1915. Q: So that’s when you first came to Gainesville, and that would have made you nine years old. Where did you live in Gainesville? A: My father bought a five-acre plot on the lake road and we lived there for about five years, and then we moved to East University Avenue across from the Coca Cola Bottling Company. Q: East University Avenue would be out towards Waldo Road but not that far. A: Not to the Waldo Road. Q: I don’t remember exactly where the Coca Cola Bottling Company was. A: It’s still there. It was just beyond the Burnett’s, the Evans, the Bob Davises, and the Hayman’s. Q: When you say lake road, what lake road do you mean? A: Newnan’s Lake Road. Q: So you went to what school? A: Eastside. Q: Which is now Kirby-Smith. So you went there from about the third grade?

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