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Development of 100MW Gas Turbine Shaft Sleeve Puller

Faculty of Engineering University of Nigeria Nsukka
Publication Date
  • Shaft Sleeve Puller
  • Turbine Generator
  • Pull-Out/Pull-In Turbine Generator
  • Refurbishment
  • Statistically Determinate
  • Design


A Shaft Sleeve Puller was developed, designed and constructed in response to the need to pull-out / pull-in the 30-tonnes by 12m long rotor of the 100-MW gas turbine generator for inspection, as part of a refurbishment programme of a power station in Delta State, Nigeria. The design is a runway system, consisting of a platform incorporating rails on which the carriages run as they bear the rotor being pulled with a pulling jack. We utilized statically indeterminate approach to design the platform to very high flexural rigidity to avoid deflection, a necessary condition, to prevent damage to the generator field winding. The design was successful; the system constructed and used to pull-out/pull-in six rotors of the gas turbine generators; and is still being stored for further use when the need arises.Keywords: shaft sleeve puller, turbine generator, pull-out/pull-in turbine generator, refurbishment, statistically determinate

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