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Proposal for a Council Decision on the Community position on the rules of procedure of the Cooperation Council and of the Cooperation Committee established by the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the European Communities and their Member States and Moldova. COM (98) 351 final, 5 June 1998

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES Proposal for a Brussels, 05.06.1998 COM(l998) 351 final COUNCIL DECISION ON THE COMMUNITY POSITION ON THE RULES OF PROCEDURE OF THE COOPERATION COUNCIL AND OF THE COOPERATION COMMITTEE ESTABLISHED BY THE PARTNERSHIP AND COOPERATION AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES AND THEIR MEMBER STATES , . AND MOLDOVA . (presented by the Commission) Barbara Rectangle Barbara Sticky Note Completed set by Barbara Barbara Rectangle Barbara Sticky Note Completed set by Barbara .\ t ·! ·I I ! j i !· ·! f . ! . 1 ! ' ~ I l .\ I ! . ' : . 1 I EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM I. The Partnership and Cooperation Agreen1ent (PCA) ~stablishing· a partnership · · between the European Communities and their Member States, ofthe one part, and · Moldova, of the other part; provides· for the setting~up of a Cooperation Council : composed of' members of the Coun~il of the European Union and· members of the · l·:uropean Commission, on the one hand, and of members of the Government or Moldova, on the other. Its, role is to monitor the implementation-of. the Agreement and examine any major issues arising within th~ .framework of the Agreement and any other· bilateral or international issues of mutual interest for the purp~se of attaining the objectives of the Agreement. · . · . 2;. According to :the terms of the ·Partnership an~. Cooperation Agreement and in · .~·particular Articles 82 to 84 thereof, the Cooperation Council shall establish. its rules of procedure and the r~les of procedure of the Cooperation Committee, the role of the. Co.mmittee being to p'repare ·all Cooperation ·council meetings· and generally assist the Cooperation <:~ouncil iri its work. · . .\.' Artick' 2( I) or lhe (Olllleil and the Commission Decision· (COM(94) '477)· on the co!1clusion of the Pa~tnershipand Cooperation Agreement provide~ that the position to. be adopted· by the Community in. the Cooperation Counc

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