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Water flow through canopies of different seagrass species

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Author Version - Cover Page MURDOCH RESEARCH REPOSITORY Paling, E.I. and van Keulen, M. (2002) Seagrass restoration in Australia. In: Proceedings of the seagrass restoration workshop for Gulf St Vincent, 15 - 16 May, 2001, Adelaide, Australia. It is posted here for your personal use. No further distribution is permitted. 1 Seagrass Restoration in Australia Eric I. Paling and Mike van Keulen Contact: Dr Eric I Paling Marine and Freshwater Research Laboratory School of Environmental Science Murdoch University WA 6150 email: [email protected] Phone: (08) 9360 6121 Fax: (08) 9360 6603 Abstract This paper will briefly examine the current status of seagrass restoration in Australia and, after some definitions have been dispensed with, describe where most of the efforts have been located and their relative ‘success’. Attention is placed more upon the lessons regarding transplant failure we have learned from past studies, as opposed to an in-depth study of each project. In addition, factors contributing to variable success rates with different techniques (seedlings, sprigs and cores) will be highlighted using examples from Western Australia – where many transplant efforts have been located. Examples will then be given of the most recent rehabilitation studies in Western Australia, focusing on mechanical transplanter development, refinement and operation. Concluding comments are then made regarding suggestions to maximise success in future transplantation programmes along with a basic list of requirements. 1. Introduction This document briefly examines the current status of seagrass restoration in Australia. Rather than dwell upon each project in detail however, which has been covered elsewhere (Lord et al., 1999; van Keulen and Paling, this volume), it focuses u

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