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Central Peaks and Soft Modes in Praseodymium

  • Houmann, Jens Christian Gylden
  • Lebech, Bente
  • Mackintosh, A. R.
  • Buyers, W. J. L.
  • McMasters, O. D.
  • Gschneider Jr., K. A.
Publication Date
Jan 01, 1977
Online Research Database In Technology
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The dhcp allotrope of Pr is a singlet ground-state system which is very close to magnetic ordering at low temperatures. We have observed quasi-elastic magnetic scattering around the q-value in the directions at which the disperion relations for the magnetic excitations have a minimum energy. The excitations were measured along all symmetry lines in the zone, and the dependence of the energies and lifetimes on the temperature and magnetic field was investigated.


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