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Some remarks on the semiotics of marketing and branding

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  • 기호학
  • Semiotics
  • 그레마스 기호학
  • Greimassian Semiotics
  • 의미 생성
  • Genaritive Model
  • 마켓팅 기호학
  • Marketing Semiotics
  • 브랜딩 기호학
  • Branding Semiotics
  • 가치론
  • Communication
  • Linguistics


The purpose of this work is to provide some semiotic approaches to the marketing and branding. This paper examines and discusses some of the signs for sale in our everyday environment, i.e. advertising, brands, and market-related communication in general. Firstly, we presented a diachronic survey of some historical figures of the idea of combining marketing and semiotics, From a semiotic point of view the crucial question will concern three domains: the nature,, the cause, and the modality of meaning produced on the market. In trying to answer this pragmatically and theoretically important question, we attempted to examine and analyse different types of meaning-production within the marketing and the branding. In particular, the question of value is fundamental in both domains: semiotics and marketing. This study is a reflection on the cross-pollination of semiotics, marketing and branding with regard to the status of product/sign. The status of products taken as signs leads semiotics to an encounter with these domains. Recent developments in work on branding invite us to take a fresh look at the semiotics of products and in particular to call upon the Greimassian concept of general trajectory of signification. It leads to us consider the fact that products, customarily understood by specialists in marketing as both form and content are in the process of being transformed into value and signification. The approach to such a complex symbolic and semiotic order might necessarily be manifold and interdisciplinary. This study is a prolegomena to a theory of marketing semiotics.

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