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  • 作業環境維護
  • 網路儲存
  • 裝置虛擬化
  • 容量管理
  • 寫入同步複製
  • Design


Many traditional techniques for operating environment maintenance concentrate on maintaining single computer separately. When there are many computers for maintaining, such way of maintenance becomes complex and costs lots of time. Because of the inability to log operating environment changes and manage volumes, these techniques are too limited to further maintain and manage operating environment. We propose a newly designed solution – Client Operating Environment Management System (COEMS) to solve the current problem of maintaining multiple operating environments. By combining the advantages of operating environment maintenance, network storage and virtualization techniques, COEMS manages multiple clients’ operating environments centrally in a server, solves the traditional maintenance problems and makes maintaining multiple computers via network feasible. Meanwhile COEMS uses Volume Management and Copy-On-Write techniques to maintain the log and share data from multiple computer operating environments, and makes the maintenance also easier and more efficient than traditional techniques.

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