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Entre ville et communauté : Rehoboth (Namibie) ou le dilemme de l'ouverture et de l'identité

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  • Identite Culturelle
  • Exclusion Sociale
  • Societe Urbaine
  • Histoire Coloniale
  • Groupe Ethnique
  • Apartheid
  • Crise Economique
  • Foncier Urbain
  • Secteur Prive
  • Ethnicisation


Rehoboth (Namibia) is the town of a half-caste group, named the Basters. Until now, they have kept a strong identity, even strengthened by the apartheid rule. The future of Rehoboth and the words to describe this future are now debated, with the purpose of managing the town. The Basters themselves, divided between the reproduction of their identity and an old practice of outside contacts, shared also between their town, their farms and the captial city of Namibia, are divided and have to invent new ways of living together. (Résumé d'auteur)

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