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Letter from Frederick Seitz to Joshua Lederberg

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NW 9 7962 UNIVERSITY of PEJKNSYL VANIA PHILADELPHIA 4 Schools of Medicine Undergraduate and Graduate Divisions November 2, 1962 DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOGY Dr. Joshua Lederberg Department of Genetics School of Medicine Stanford University Palo Alto, California Dear Joshlr I have learned from Dr. Harry Hess, the new Chairman of the Space Science Board, that he is anxious to bring to a close the activities of the Man in Space Committee and its Study Groups. It is my understanding that each Committee member, Study Group member and liaison member is being directly informed of this action. I have several important purposes in writing to you now. One of these purposes is to extend my sincere personal thanks for your prompt and willing response to the request of the Academy's Man in ISpace Committee for your time and your judgment. While few of us were satisfied with the rate of our progress, the activities of the MI3 Committee were born and developed apace with the evolution of attention to life sciences within NA3A. During these important months the Committee and its Study Groups served as excellent vehicles for scientific communication among NA3A, DOD and extragovernmental scientists. Another purpose in writing is to ask each Study Group to give full attention to the request of Dr. Seitz, President of the National Academy of Sciences, and Dr. Hess for delivery of recommendations which were part of the basis for formation of the Study Group. Most of you know that we were hoping to pull all of these efforts together next spring and summer, VYhile it may not now be possible to give this task the time originally planned for it, it will be unfortunate if any Group is not able to express its scientific views in a quantitatively acceptable manner. I do hope that when a report is delivered you will send a copy to me in order that these, suitably accredited, may be brought to bear upon the national need whenever occasion for this arises.

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