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On the Development of Animated Tutoring Dialogue Agent for Elementary School Science Learning

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  • 지능형 교수 시스템
  • Cai
  • Wbi
  • 튜터링 시스템
  • 튜터링 다이얼로그 시스템
  • Education
  • Linguistics


In this research, we have developed a "computer tutor" that rrurrucs the human tutor with animated tutoring dialog agent and the agent was integrated to teaching-learning material for elementary science subject. The developed system is a natural language based teaching-learning system using one-to-one dialogue. The developed pedagogical dialogue teaching-learning system analysis student's answer then provides appropriate answer or questions after comparing the student's answer with elementary school level achievement. When the agent gives either question or answer it uses the TTS(Text-to-Speech) function. Also the agent has an animated human tutor face for providing more human like feedback. The developed dialogue interface has been applied to 64 6th grade students. The test results show that the test group's average score is higher than the control group by 10.797. This shows that unlike conventional web courseware, our approach that "ask-answer" process and the animated character, which has human tutor's emotional expression, attracts students and helps to immerse to the courseware.

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