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On the convergence of a Newton-like method in ℝn and the use of Berinde's exit criterion

International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences
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  • Mathematics


Berinde has shown that Newton's method for a scalar equation f(x)=0 converges under some conditions involving only f and f′ and not f″ when a generalized stopping inequality is valid. Later Sen et al. have extended Berinde's theorem to the case where the condition that f′(x)≠0 need not necessarily be true. In this paper we have extended Berinde's theorem to the class of n-dimensional equations, F(x)=0, where F:ℝn→ℝn, ℝn denotes the n-dimensional Euclidean space. We have also assumed that F′(x) has an inverse not necessarily at every point in the domain of definition of F.

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